Discover Sara Blake's Treehouse print

Dreamy and fantasy, the Treehouse print is inspired by Thoreau's Walden and represents an imaginary special place in the sky where you can go and find inspiration and solitude away from daily life.

Treehouse features artwork by Sara Blake inspired by the original song "treehouse" by her younger sister Emily Blake.

Sara Blake is an illustrator and fine artist living and loving in New York City. She graduated from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Graphic Art and Postmodern Studies and has been working in design and art direction ever since. With a background in advertising, she now works as a freelance illustrator and exhibiting artist.

Emily Blake is a musician living in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated as a Psychology major at Cleveland State University.

Emily has always been extremely empathetic and had a job taking care of special needs patients up until Summer of 2010.

About Sara (written by Emily)

Sara Blake was born an artist. Even as a young child there was an artful essence in everything she did. At the age of four she suggested that when I was born I be named "Colorful Liner." Sifting through family films it's easy to see where her interests lie. She often gave relatives paintings and clay sculptures meticulously constructed with her tiny fingers. Even at such a young age, she adapted a strong work habit and would sometimes be found working on art projects well into the night. Her attention to detail, unmatchable work ethic, and expressive and creative individuality have helped her become the inspiring artist she is today. Sara is a person who wears her art on her sleeve, literally. Driven, charming, and independent, she incorporates her art into everything that she does. She's a softy for good ice cream, sushi, running, and the big city.

About Emily (written by Sara)

I’m not sure if it was a symptom of being the second child, or it was just something inherent in her nature, but Emily always has had a cool head and a warm heart. I used to worry about her empathy overtaking her, her ability to care for others someday consuming her, so when she left her job taking care of special needs patients in Cleveland last summer, I was secretly relieved. Emily is quiet, intense, thoughtful and aware—which is why it comes as no surprise to me that I am genuinely my sister’s biggest fan, not because she is my sister, but because she has the ability harness something sublime in others and put it in music.

For years I didn’t even know she could write—she was so secretive and understated. Only after we both moved out of our parents’ house did I learn she had constructed songs that compete with my favorite artists using only the beat up computer her bedroom. But once again, I wasn’t surprised. That was Emily. Just discrete and graceful.

Treehouse lyrics

I was a girl in a treehouse
and all I wanted in my world were more trees around
I wanna feel the air I wanna feel the breeze
I wanna touch the sky beneath my wings
I wanna love till it hurts I wanna kiss till I die
I wanna hold your hand, It’ll be alright
And I want to live in the woods
Where all the plants can make my roof
I wanna feel the air I wanna feel the breeze
I wanna touch the sky beneath my wings
I wanna love till it hurts I wanna kiss till I die
I wanna hold your hand it’ll be alright