Wanderlust By Pavneet Sembhi

Pavneet Sembhi is a self taught illustrator from London.

Her work takes you on a journey, twisting and turning through every line, pattern and detail until you find yourself truely lost in a whole new world. Although her work is traditionally black and white when she does use color you'll find its explosive and vibrant.

New York, NY (August 2018) – Sakroots, the handbag and accessories label known for its original prints, invites you on an adventure in Fall 2018 with Wanderlust, a globally-inspired illustration by British artist Pavneet Sembhi. The newest artistic collaboration for Sakroots, Wanderlust is inspired by travel – an ornate interpretation of the vibrant shapes and colors found in unique destinations throughout the world.

Designed to speak to the explorer in each of us, Wanderlust features intricate, geometric motifs hand-drawn by the artist. Look closely and the print reveals a friendly critter, a South American llama in traditional, festive dressing. The llama represents the curiosity, strength, and perseverance of a spirited traveler. Bright and eye-catching hues of ruby, sunset orange, mulberry, and pops of red bring this vibrant print to life. A second wave of the Wanderlust print comes in black, white, and grey, offering a muted take that is even more reminiscent of the artist’s original illustration.

Each season, Sakroots commissions a talented, emerging artist to create a new print that is incorporated into the brand’s signature line of accessories. PavneetSembhi is the newest member of the Sakroots Artist Circle. The London-based illustrator specializes in hand-drawn illustrations – exploring the depths of geometry, patterns, textures, and structures to develop fun and meaningful artwork.